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An educating and skill-developing game for everyone! Are there any limits in coloring? Absolutely not! We'd like to present a completely new coloring game PHOLOROID! You won't find the usual color palette here. Your child will have to find the desireable background in the surrounding world. There are no limits to imagination. If you want, you can add photos of your relatives or dears, or, you can put your favourite cartoon hero beside you. The game will be fun not only for kids, but adults can try themselves out as artists. Modern games don't stimulate children to look around, all they see is a computer or a smartphone screen.

Even traditional coloring pictures are avaliable on electronic devices nowadays. But we all forget that colouring games are brought to develop imagination and sense of beautiful. This app is very simple. The user chooses the field he wants to paint, then chooses an object in the surroundings that will be part of the coloring, and makes a photo. Just that simple!!! Good luck in your creative undertakings!!!

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